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Out as of August 2019 is The Little Book of Pocket Mantras, the Eastern counterpart to The Little Book of Pocket Spells from Random House.
Also now available is an updated and revised edition of Invoke the Goddess from Llewellyn Worldwide, exploring the facets of fifteen deities, Hindu, Greek and Egyptian, and how to work with them to specific ends.
2018 saw the publication of several new books, particularly two literary occult novels in the vein of Magickal Realism: the esoteric/existentially-themed Gothic extravaganza Spiritus (upgraded new edition), and the pre-Apocalyptic punk poetic prose metaphysical phantasia Ascension.
All of these may be sampled and bought on Amazon.
Fans of magickal mage Mr Malynowsky may be pleased to hear that a bumper edition of all three in the  Magick Bookshop  series, is due out any day now. Over 20 esoteric short-stories, set in occult bookshops in Oxford, London and Somerset respectively.
Also pending is a witchcraft-themed novel, The Faebridge Chronicles.
Please see the BOOKS section for further details.
Recently released is the academically-acclaimed  Mystical and the Mundane in the work of John Cowper Powys. Wildly underrated, John Cowper Powys was a literary genius of his time, a contemporary of Aleister Crowley whom he knew; brimming with animal magnetism, aspiring magickianship and idiosyncratic insight. Focussing primarily on his Autobiography and the epic novels A Glastonbury Romance, Wolf Solent, Morwyn, and Weymouth Sands, this thesis offers a detailed interpretation of many of Powys's overriding themes, particularly his quest for the transcendental, and the tension he perpetually encountered between the sublime and the human - or ridiculous.  
Containing key information on Glastonbury and concomitant themes, as well as a thorough overview of the works of John Cowper Powys, this literary critique may be purchased HERE:

There is a SPIRITUS ship that floats in the psyches of each of us. When the climate is attuned to just the right pitch of desire, and personal ambition supersedes spiritual conscience, it will come out of nowhere, to confront us in real form, to test our very souls, to lure us towards it with its impossibly beautiful lights and music, with its pleasures almost insuperable, on a dark river at night.


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