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Welcome to the website of Kala Trobe. I offer Tarot readings in person (in Glastonbury and sometimes London) and  also over Skype/Zoom. Please email to arrange a Tarot consultation.
I hold a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotism and  Hypnotherapy, and am now able to offer a wide variety of therapies such as increasing self-confidence, banishing unwanted habits such as smoking, and overcoming phobias.  
I also offer guided hypnotic visualizations especially tailored to your unique personality and needs, similar to those published in my books Invoke the Goddess and Invoke the Gods.  These combine a personal guided encounter of a deity, with a specific purpose: for example, approaching the Goddess Isis to help overcome bereavement and grief,  or working with Lord Ganesha to remove obstacles from your life.
To find  out more about how I can help you, visit, or email me. 
I spoke on 'Hinduism and the Occult' at the Glastonbury Occult Conference on February 22nd: you can see it HERE 


Available now --  The Magick Bookshop Trilogy. Contains re-writes of The Magick Bookshop and Magick in the West End, as well as a set of fourteen new stories set in 'Faebridge' in the West Country.  Available worldwide on Amazon.
UK link 
USA link
Also out is an updated and revised edition of Invoke the Goddess from Llewellyn Worldwide, exploring the facets of fifteen deities, Hindu, Greek and Egyptian, and how to work with them to specific ends.



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