Feb 27

Welcome to Kala Trobe's iTemple!

Kala Trobe is an author, Tarot reader and visual artist specialising in the mystical and surreal.  See HERE for some examples of her visionary paintings, book covers, murals and posters, from interpretations of the Hindu Tattvan colour symbols (1988) to some of her most recent creations.  Email her to enquire about possible projects or visit the Tarot Readings page here for more information about scheduling your next consulation.

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About Kala Trobe

Kala Trobe in Glastonbury, UK

Kala Trobe is the main nom-de-plume of Kate La Trobe-Bateman (London, UK). She is author of six books on mythology and modern mystical practise, and two books of short-stories on related subjects.  Most recently, Kala has released her latest novel 'Spiritus', a fictional work of Gothic Decadence set in Amsterdam.  Kala is also a Tarot reader, with more than 20 years' experience.



Published Works

Spiritus  Magick in the West End  The Magick Bookshop 
The Witch's Guide to Life  How to Find Your Inner Priestess  Invoke the Goddess