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Kala Trobe is an author, Tarot reader and visual artist specialising in the mystical and surreal.  See here for some examples of her visionary paintings, book covers, murals and posters, from interpretations of the Hindu Tattvan colour symbols (1988) to some of her most recent creations.  Email her to enquire about possible projects or visit the Tarot Readings page here for more information about scheduling your next consulation.

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About Kala Trobe

Kala Trobe in Glastonbury, UK


Kala Trobe is an author, artist, and highly experienced Tarot reader, with a qualification in Counselling. She offers Tarot-based consultations exploring the topics and questions of your choice, from the esoteric and spiritual, to the emotional, amorous, or financial. Anything you want, basically. These can be performed face-to-face, over the telephone, or via Skype.

Kala recently completed an MA in Literature, for which she received a Distinction.

She is currently editing her next novel for publication, and is embarking on a PhD in metaphysical literary fiction (which she also writes).

Having lived over the last decade in Savannah GA, Missoula MT, and the utterly inspirational Amsterdam (where the modern Gothic novel 'Spiritus' transpired), she is now settled with her 3D artist/musician husband and two very fine cats in the Netzach-green, magickal Glastonbury, UK.

She is selectively available for painting commissions, particularly covers for esoteric books. Some of Kala's artwork and book cover designs are featured HERE.

She will also consider commissioned editing and writing assignments for clients with whom she connects: for example, helping to befit your own book, short story or article for publication.

Feel free to email: kalatrobe@gmail.com to arrange a Tarot reading, or to discuss details about painting, writing or editing.




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