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Kala Trobe is an author, Tarot reader and visual artist specialising in the mystical and surreal.  See here for some examples of her visionary paintings, book covers, murals and posters, from interpretations of the Hindu Tattvan colour symbols to some of her most recent creations.  Email her to enquire about possible projects or visit the Tarot Readings page here for more information about scheduling your next consulation.


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About Kala Trobe

Kala Trobe in Glastonbury, UK

Kala Trobe is an author, artist, and highly experienced Tarot reader, with a qualification in Counselling. She offers Tarot-based consultations exploring the topics and questions of your choice, from the esoteric and spiritual, to the emotional, amorous, or financial. Anything you want, basically. These can be performed face-to-face, over the telephone, or via Skype.


Well, this is awkward. For the past three years I've been unable to access my Guestbook, or most of the text up here. A new website will follow whenever my next book does. So, here's hoping that any interested parties READ THIS.

I am still doing Tarot readings – please email kalatrobe@gmail.com to arrange a Skype, written or face-to-face reading as applicable. I am currently based in Glastonbury, Somerset.

People have asked whether I'm still writing. Yes, very much so. I've now completed two substantial novels and almost finished another two – 'visionary', literary fiction along the lines of 'The Magick Bookshop', but hopefully the decade of study and conscious development of style since TMB will be in evidence. In March last year I completed an MA in Literature, with Distinction. What with that, plans for a PhD, artwork and other activities, huge amounts of reading and study, and a rewarding & mog-blessed married life, I'm only now beginning to send those (tentatively) finished manuscripts to potential publishers. It's a tortuous process, so no breath is being held here. I'm aiming, at least initially, for well-established, international publishing houses. We shall see how Spirit plays (with) it.

Meanwhile, please DO NOT SIGN THE GUESTBOOK as your message will not reach me, and my apologies for techno-tardiness.

Thank you!




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